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10 Tips on How to be a Successful Affiliate

Find Your Niche
You can’t be all things to all people. As the world becomes more competitive (especially in affiliate marketing) appealing to your niche market becomes more important.

Try Several Affiliate Programs
Not all affiliate programs are equal, and while one may work great for one person the same program may be a bad choice for another. Take some time and actually work with a number of different programs in your niche until you identify those that work best for you.

Choose Merchants Wisely
Once you have narrowed down the list of potential affiliates make sure you choose the ones you will work with very carefully. A merchant may have a great affiliate program, but terrible customer service or inconsistent quality.

Use Multiple Merchants
It’s always best to diversify, at least a little. By spreading out your affiliate relationships among several merchants you can hedge your bets against any problems that may cause the loss of one merchant.

Don’t Write Quickly Dated Content
If the content you write is too timely it runs the risk of becoming outdated very quickly. You don’t want a reputation for writing irrelevant content, because then people will stop visiting your site.

Can People Trust You?
For people to click through on your affiliate links they have to be able to trust you. You need to build a reputation of being a reliable source of information within your niche.

Avoid Overcrowded Markets
If you enter a market that is already filled to capacity your ability to compete will be severely reduced. One of the biggest factors that can cause an affiliate program to fail is trying to shove yourself into an already saturated market.

Keep Your Site Updated
Search engines love sites that are updated on a regular basis and will help rank you higher in searches. People also tend to like new content—no one’s going to visit a site that hasn’t been updated in several weeks.

Recommend Products You Use
This is actually a two part tip. First of all actually use the products you are trying to sell people (this goes back to the trust issue). Secondly, personal recommendations tend to sell more than simply having banner ads.

Be Upfront About Your Affiliate Programs
Always tell people who your affiliates are and that your links are for your affiliate programs. It’s that trust issue again.