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How to Make Successful Social Pages with Top Social Networks

Creating a successful social network page requires a bit of upfront planning. Here we offer a few tips to help you get your social network pages off to a successful start.

Consistency in Branding
People who have visited your Facebook page should instantly recognize your Google+ page or your Twitter page or your website. No matter where visitors go to find you they should always be presented with a consistent look, feel, and style. If you’re website is whimsical, your vulgar, and your Google+ introspective you will confuse your audience and prevent your social network pages from becoming successful. Similarly if every social network page looks different you will force people to search to know if it’s really your page or if they are on the wrong page—remember the first rule of marketing is “don’t make me think.”

Provide Useful Content
People do not revisit, or remain on, social network pages that do not provide useful content. Sure they may stay following you, but they are also ignoring everything you post. Without useful content your social network pages will quickly slid off everyone’s radar and be headed for failure not success. Your pages should always provide links back to your site where you have posted a useful item (for free with the expectation of a sale for the larger item), a summary (and picture) of the useful content can be posted to your social network page.

Make Sure Your Profile is Up to Date
If you haven’t updated your social network profile since you opened your account, your pages will not likely be successful. People want, and need, to know about you—the current you, not the you of five years ago. The “you” here could either be you personally, or the product you’re offering—either way keep things up to date and your pages will be more successful