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What can be the source of traffic for your website? - Mobile Devices Based Marketing

No website can be successful without traffic, but how can a website owner drive traffic to their site using mobile device based marketing techniques? A mobile device is any device like a smartphone, iPad (or other type of tablet computer), and may soon add new and exciting devices like Google glass. As a website owner trying to drive traffic to your site you want to take advantage of as many mobile device based methods as you can to help bring more people to your site.
One of the most common methods for bringing traffic to your site from mobile devices is the use of mobile apps. If you have the talent and a great idea for an app, creating your own mobile app can prove a great way to drive traffic to your site. To go this route you will need to develop a mobile app that is branded in the same, or very similar, way as your website and includes links back to your site. If you don’ want to go the full, develop your own mobile app route, you can place ads in other people’s mobile apps. Most free mobile apps are ad supported and can be a great, low cost, method to drive traffic to your site.
Another great method you can use to drive traffic to your site is by buying ads on WAP pages. WAP mobile ads are a special form of Pay Per Click or PPC advertising that allows links back to your website to appear on mobile search engine results pages. The way these ads work is that people will search, on their mobile device, for keywords related to your website. Then your ad will appear on their mobile browser and if they click your link they will be directed to your website, then you pay a small fee to the advertising company.