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What is SEO - Proven Strategies

SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization that is the process of getting your site found on the major search engines. When people talk about SEO they will often mention terms like “free,” “organic,” and “natural” in reference to content, and all mean essentially the same thing.

There are essentially two ways to get your content into a search engine result. One is to pay for advertising to the company that owns the search engine. You will see the paid search results first (and often running down the right side). The other way to get your content high on the search engine results is by using SEO—this content is called free, organic, or natural because the results come about naturally without you paying for them. There are some proven SEO strategies that can help your search engine ranking.

Good Content
Poorly written or formatted content can decrease your overall SEO effort. Focus on including keywords, titles, and links all of which will help increase your SEO. Be careful though, because writing content that is obviously intended only to boost results will be short lived since search engines are getting better at returning only useful content.

A Good Site
If you have a site that loads slowly, has huge images, frames, and flash your site will not rank high on the search engines. People want good, quality content and search engine companies work hard to ensure the top results are the best sites for a particular search. All search engines will penalize a site that is slow or often crashes.

Use (Some) Pictures and Videos
Most people (some experts say up to 85% of Internet users) watch videos online, and nearly all users like to see pictures on the sites they visit. Search engines factor these facts into their algorithms and sites with (fast loading) images and video will rank higher than text only sites.