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Top 10 Places to Sell a Website

Flippa is an auction site that has two levels of pricing. For a starter site you will pay $9 plus a 15% commission to Flippa once your site sells. For established sites the upfront fee is higher at $29, but the commission is only 5%. Fees are also capped at $499.

Buy Sell Websites
To list your site on buy sell websites (not an auction) will cost you $39 for two weeks or $59 for three months. If you can flip your site quickly you can save $20 on each listing.

The granddaddy of online auction sites where you can sell pretty much anything including websites.  Selling on EBay can be cost effective but will require more marketing on your part.

Website Broker
Another listing site, not an auction site, website broker either $9.95 (standard) or $14.95 (premier) for a 90 day listing.

The most cost effective method, but also the method that requires the most marketing on your part.
Digitalpoint Forums
While not a place for your higher priced listings, Digitalpoint Forums have a lot of active listings and tend to do well for sites going for under $1,000.

Warrior Forum
A very active forum for both buying and selling websites. If you have an established site that selling for a modest price Warrior Forum is a good place to consider listing.

For websites selling between $10,000 and $20,000 it’s often better to look into a general business sale site as opposed to the smaller markets listed above. BizBuySell is a top business sales market.

Business For Sale
This is another general business sale market and can be a great place to sell for websites being offered between $10,000 and $20,000.

Website Properties
When you website is worth more than $20,000 you really need to start looking into a good website broker (not to be confused with the small market website of the same name). Website Properties is one of the top brokers for high end websites, and they charge a 10% commission after the sale.