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What are the Top CPA Affiliate Networks and How to Get Approved By Them

One of the oldest and best CPA affiliate networks that pays nearly $100 million every year to affiliates. ClickBooth has two levels that you can apply for. The CPC model is free to sign up and easy to qualify. Their CPA model is also free but requires approval and minimum qualifications.

Neverblue is another great CPA affiliate network that offers many affiliate programs. Like all reputable CPA affiliate networks you must apply and have your application reviewed by a person before you will be allowed to start publishing ads on your website. The key to getting accepted into Neverblue is to already have an established website that is promoting legitimate products and has a decent amount of traffic.

MaxBounty allows affiliates to earn very good commissions and has been in business since 2004. It is by far one of the most popular CPA affiliate networks but getting approved requires a phone interview as well as a detailed marketing plan that is submitted as part of their online sign up. The phone interview and solid marketing strategy are key to acceptance into MaxBounty.

PeerFly has a very straight forward sign up process but they also require you to have earned a minimum of $500 on another network that you can use as a reference. This requirement allows them to be reasonably sure that your website is legitimate and that you have experience working with smaller (or different) affiliate networks.

W4, like the rest of the best CPA affiliate networks, requires some work on your part to get accepted. Like MaxBounty you will be expected to pass a phone interview before getting accepted into W4. As with the other top networks don’t plan on W4 being the network where you cut your teeth, get some experience first in affiliate marketing before applying.